ControlPi Initial Release

The Raspberry Pi has a lot of potential as a low cost automation and control processor. But getting one set up to use in a professional installation is a real hassle. That’s why we decided to create a lightweight image to use as a starting point. Here is a quick look at what is currently … Read more

How To Use IFTTT With NodeRED

    IFTTT Key Here is a link to get your IFTTT key (you need to be logged into IFTTT):   IFTTT Trigger Event URL Here is the URL to trigger an event on IFTTT (replace everything between {{ }} with your information):{{event}}/with/key/{{yourIftttKey}}  

The Cheapest Control System Tutorial

  Here are the steps to set up a Raspberry Pi for AV control… Order a Raspberry Pi Kit complete with NOOBS SD card. Connect keyboard, mouse, monitor and network. Connect Power. Install the Raspbian operating system from the NOOBS SD card. Open the Termnial program and update Raspbian with the following commands: $ sudo … Read more

Displaying Content: The Path Of Least Resistance

HDMI, VGA, Buit-In PC’s and Document Cameras. Sometimes Bluray, DVD and even VHS(!). How many ways to present content does an AV presentation system really need? If we could steal a play from the IT managers handbook and tell users, “That is not supported”, what would our systems look like? Continue reading on FSR’s Ed … Read more