2023 AV Programmer Survey

Here are the results of a small survey of AV Programmers. The survey probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But it does provide some insight into how software is viewed and used in AV today. The answers have motivated me to create a newsletter series on Free IT Tools For AV Systems. Sign Up For … Read more

How To Load Web Components With Javascript

Overview of an open source project that demonstrates how to load web components with pure Javascript. Web components make your HTML code modular, re-usable and easier to organize into separate files. The source code is available here: https://github.com/catchtechnologies/Load-Web-Components-With-Javascript Keep reading to find out how this projects integrates with a larger control system.

HTML Control Interface Messaging And DomHandler

Overview of an open source project that provides messaging and DOM updates to integrate HTML5 user interfaces with automation and control systems. The source code is available here: https://github.com/catchtechnologies/HTML-Control-Interface-Messaging-And-DomHandler Keep reading to find out how this projects integrates with a larger control system.

Sample HTML5 Control Interface

An example AV control interface built with pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. No external frameworks or dependencies. Of course this is just the front end. Read on to see what it takes to use HTML5 user interfaces for AV and smart home control.

HTML5 Animations Example

Animations example of an HTML5 User Interface running on a Mimo Tablet. This was made for a police training hall a.k.a. amusement park of terror. These fine men and women train for all sorts of situations most of us hope we are never part of. The trainers need a flexible environment to set up different … Read more

Software Defined Module Development With QSC

2019 Update: Harry Joseph has retired and Catch Technologies is now supporting the Hushbutton. In 1999 Harry Joseph thought I would make a good programmer and sent me to AMX training. I had no idea that was the beginning of my career as an #AVProgrammer. A few years ago I wrote AMX and Crestron modules … Read more

ISE 2018

Smart Building Conference I don’t do much resi these days, but two weeks before ISE I was asked to help plan a smart apartment for a well-off businessman. He wants to control everything with Alexa. After looking into it, I realized there would not be much programming to do. Music streaming, audio distribution, intercom, lights, … Read more