The Cheapest Control System Tutorial


Here are the steps to set up a Raspberry Pi for AV control…

  • Order a Raspberry Pi Kit complete with NOOBS SD card.
  • Connect keyboard, mouse, monitor and network.
  • Connect Power.
  • Install the Raspbian operating system from the NOOBS SD card.
  • Open the Termnial program and update Raspbian with the following commands:
    • $ sudo apt-get update
    • $ sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Install VNC.
  • Install NPM. (Without NPM, the Node-Red palette manager is disabled.)
    • $ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
  • Upgrade Node Red with the following command (you may need to run this command twice):
    • $ pi update-nodejs-and-nodered
  • Update node packages with the following command:
    • $ cd ~/.node-red
    • $ npm rebuild
  • Enable Auto Start for Node-Red at reboot with the following command:
    • $ sudo systemctl enable nodered.service
  • Install Node Red
    • Go to the Raspian menu -> Programming -> Node Red
  • Browse to node red flow editor:
    • http://ipAddressOfThePi:1880
  • Install the Node-Red dashboard:
    • Go to the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the node red flow editor -> Manage Pallette
    • Click on Install tab
    • Search for dashboard
    • Find node-red-dashboard and click Install -> OK
  • For maximum reliability, set the SD Card to Read-Only as shown here.

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