What iOS11 Means for AV

Probably not much. At first glance, things like machine learning with CoreML, augmented reality with ARKit and Business Chat do not look very useful for making better AV/IT systems.ios11

CoreML Machine Learning and Business Chat

But what if we combined the Natural Language Processing that CoreML provides with Business Chat to offer custom support?

The user could start a support conversation with Siri or by pressing a button on website or in an app. The language processing and machine learning models could provide an answer immediately.

Business Chat also includes a time picker for scheduling appointments, a list picker to select different options, a discreet link to your app and Apple Pay to make it interesting for your business. This could be a slick way to upgrade a simple conversation to an appointment or product sale.

Augmented Reality

For ideas on how to use augmented reality, we really need to use our imaginations and be willing to entertain some crazy ideas. Most of those ideas will not be useful, but some just might become commonplace someday.

Product demonstrations are one obvious application for augmented reality. You can place interactive digital images in a live video feed and send it all to a large display for presentation. The color picker in this video should get some ideas flowing…

Face Detection

Face detection and tracking with ARKit could be used to log who attended the meeting (and if they were paying attention). Facial expressions can also be tracked in real time. Could you improve your presentation by reviewing who laughed or looked interested during different times of your talk?


In iOS11, SiriKit finally gives developers a way to hook into Siri. This is a great way to integrate voice control into AV systems. There are a few gotchas though.

Apps using Siri need to register something called Intents to help with language recognition. There are only a few intents avialable like messaging, payments and photo search.

So developers need to get creative with the available intents to make them work with other systems. Expect to see some of that creativity in the iOS 11 release of Open App. It will make integrating Siri with automation and control systems easy for AV programmers.

Your Ideas

If you were an app developer, what would you do with iOS11? Let me know in the comments.

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