Intro to using native iOS apps as an AV user interface

  I recently got a call from a rather confused consultant. His young company focuses on the user experience. For one particular project, he spent a good amount of time designing an iPad interface with all the interactions he was used to seeing in many mobile apps. He was surprised to hear, “We can’t do … Read more

AV Control And Web Technologies

There is no denying that the network has had an enormous impact on AV control systems. But we have mostly been limited to low-level TCP connections. I’ve even heard this referred to as “Serial Over IP.” To take advantage of the cloud, responsive web pages, mobile apps and other Internet services, we’ll need to get … Read more

Get VS 2008

It is not that easy to purchase Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. But any platform that uses Microsoft Embedded CE will need VS 2008 for development. MSDN Subscription The easiest (and most expensive) way to get a copy is with an MSDN subscription. Here is a link to the MSDN Subscriber VS 2008 download page. Click on Details to see … Read more