iOS App Development for AV Programmers

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Patrick has been working with audiovisual systems in one form or another since 1995. After moving to Germany in 2005, he founded Controlhaus and began developing automation and control software for mega-yachts, luxury homes, command and control centers and a few conference rooms along the way. He loves to learn, hang out with his family and be creative.

iOS App Development for AV Programmers



The Code-Free User Interface

Build A TCP Stream Class

Direct Network Device Control

How To Write A Device Driver

Network Converter Device Drivers

Create A Class For The Global Cache Control Tower (IR Database)

Integrating With External Control Processors

Infrared Codes App

The App Store

7 thoughts on “iOS App Development for AV Programmers”

  1. I am doing the resizing Icons from the uifx files that i downloaded and they are not all 125×125. So I am getting a error: Not a valid resample value after doing the sips -z *.png

    • Not sure about that error. I will have to look into it further (busy at ISE right now).

      But you do not need to resize the UIFX icons. The different sizes are already provided.

      The video showing you how to resize graphics is there in case you need to resize your own graphics.

  2. I am getting this warning on this line of code. Can you help me?
    ‘characters’ is deprecated: Please use String or Substring directly

    if output.write(writeString, maxLength: writeString.characters.count) < 0


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