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Patrick has been working with audiovisual systems in one form or another since 1995. After moving to Germany in 2005, he founded Controlhaus and began developing automation and control software for mega-yachts, luxury homes, command and control centers and a few conference rooms along the way. He loves to learn, hang out with his family and be creative.

S# Starter Course

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Getting Started

Create Template Files

Create A TCP Server Module

Create A TCP Client Module

Make An HTTP Get Request

Parse JSON Responses

6 thoughts on “S# Starter Course”

  1. Nice work Patrick! Very useful topics for getting started with Simpl Sharp programming. And I really appreciate your teaching style. The pace was just about right and you speak very clearly, making it that much easier to follow. If you are evaluating new topics for Simpl Sharp programming, parsing out a string formatted in XML would be very useful. On to the Simpl Sharp Pro videos!

  2. Hi Patrik, I studied and learned your httpgetrequest module, that was really great, now it happens that some project where I used it are broken because after I made a update to Crestron DB and Tools, I get a newtonsoft.compact.json incompatibility error (3.5 vs 4.0.8). Now how can we solve this problem?

  3. Hi Patrick.
    Thank you so much for the courses. Very useful for me.
    I have a question.
    Could you share an example of HTTP Post request method?
    I’m trying to send JSON Post request and can’t figure out the right format.
    Always having error response: “Request type must be application/json”}

    Thank you.

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