Crestron Simpl# Intro Course (Free)



Get started creating Simpl Windows modules with Simpl Sharp and Visual Studio with this free online course. Simpl Windows is a great tool for programming automation and control systems. But there are some things it does not do well. Making internet requests, communicating with secure protocols and parsing modern data formats require a modern programming language.

Simpl# gives you access to new tools and lets you access them in Simpl Windows. Even if learning a new programming language is not on your to-do list, getting familiar with how Simpl# works will help you take advantage of modules created in Simpl#.

What You Will Learn…

  • How to install all the needed software
  • How to make re-useable Simpl# template files
  • How to use Simpl# modules in Simpl Windows

What You Will Get…

  • Unlimited Access To 6 Online Lessons
  • 4 Tutorial Videos

Sample Video…

Here is a preview lesson:


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