Service Node Desktop Tutorial



Monitor, Automate and Control AV systems with Service Node (for free).

Integrate up to three devices on as many systems as you like with the free Service Node Desktop for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. Upgrades are available for larger systems.

Straight-Foward Monitoring

Many monitoring systems lock you into a very specific dashboard and workflow.

Service Node gives you the flexibility to customize different levels of monitoring and notification.

After all, a good monitoring system only needs to answer a few simple questions…

  • Are devices online?
  • Are they responding to commands?
  • Are devices interacting with each other correctly?

If the answer is no, a real person must notified using the support team’s preferred communication channel such as…

  • email…
  • a messaging service like Slack…
  • or by opening a support ticket.

Simple Automation

When something happens, something else should also happen. That’s automation.

Service Node lets you configure automation workflows from your web-browser. A message from any device can trigger a sequence of events managed with simple delays and if/else statements.

Custom User Interfaces

Students of the AV Control with HTML5 course know that you don’t need an expensive touchpanel to give end-users a great control experience.

Service Node can serve your custom web pages to any tablet or mobile device and act as a central control processor – sending and receiving commands with any device on the network.

Supply-Chain Solution

Service Node also exists as a hardware product. But just like most AV manufacturers and integrators in 2022, supply chain issues are forcing us to re-think how to deliver.

A desktop application gives you the flexibility to use whatever hardware is available. Whether it is a mini-pc from Amazon, a Mac Mini from Apple or a virtual machine on a Linux server.

All your monitoring, automation and control requirements are covered with Service Node Desktop.

Enroll in this tutorial and learn how to set up a robust monitoring, control & automation system with custom notifications and get a free download of Service Node Desktop.


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