Rethinking AV Control

The supply chain issues of the last few years make it nearly impossible for Systems Integrators and Technology Managers to do thier jobs.

Systems are designed, cables are installed, racks are pre-wired. But the hardware is simply not available.

Maybe in six months…

Maybe next year...

It is time to consider alternatives.

It is time to set aside brand-loyalty and focus on results.

End-users don’t care about equipment. They just need to get back to work.

You Have Choice.

Plenty of manufacturers offer interchangeable AV distribution and signal processing products.

As long as the signal gets from here to there, as long as the audio level goes up, down and mutes, as long as it is supported, reliable and available – why wait?

What about control?

The AV industry is in the habit of choosing one manufacturer to provide all signal distribution, DSP and control hardware and software.

Proprietary software that runs on special hardware keeps us locked in to one way of doing things. And it is one reason many projects are not getting delivered.

What if there was a control and automation software that …

  • runs on any standard computer or virtual machine?
  • doesn’t need special drivers for every device?
  • .. provides training and support completely online instead of flying all over the world for special training events? How much time would that save?
  • … is free for systems with just a few devices?

These are the goals of Service Node Desktop. An automation and control software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Next Up – How it works.