HTML5 Foundations For AV Control

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HTML5 Foundations For AV Control teaches you how to create an HTML User Interface purpose-built to control Audiovisual and Smart Home systems.

When you are done, you’ll know how to create and serve a simple web page that can integrate with any control system. The course goes step-by-step and covers…

  • Writing A Server Application
  • Creating The UI With HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Connecting To AV Devices & Control Processors

Here is a demo of the User Interface you’ll learn how to build…

The Server

Whether your UI is used on a smart phone or a built-in touchpanel, you need a server to get the user interface into the browser.

This course shows you how to create a server application in Node.js that…

  • Serves web pages with token authentication
  • Provides two-way real-time communication between the server and browser over a WebSocket
  • Integrates with AV devices and control processors over TCP or WebSockets

The UI

You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript so you can…

  • Layout menus and control elements
  • Interact with the DOM to dynamically update the HTML
  • Managing the WebSocket connection and making sure it always connects

AV Integration

You’ll also learn how to build a simple framework that…

  • Defines a custom AV Control API
  • Automatically updates the HTML from WebSocket messages

Source Code

You are free to use all the code built in this course under the MIT license (which means you can do basically whatever you want with it). The completed source code is available for download in each lesson section.

What You Will Get

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Detailed Blog Posts
  • Tested Source Code Files

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    Exactly what I was looking for. Say goodbye to stone age Netlinx Studio & SIMPL Windows some day… 🙂

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